Dundee Brand



Dundee has a strong heritage and a distinctive character but those who really know the city will tell you that there's a whole other chapter in its story, just waiting to be told. Over the past 20 years, Dundee has successfully narrated its tale as the ‘City of Discovery', a name sparked by the homecoming of the Dundee-built Royal Research Ship (RRS) Discovery  - Captain Scott's Antarctic exploration vessel. The return of RRS Discovery in 1987 marked a pivotal point. It represented a time of change in the perception of Dundee from that of a decaying, post-industrial city into a modern cultural and economic centre.

Diverse, innovative and spirited, Dundee is now home to a cutting-edge life sciences research sector, a dynamic digital media industry and a vibrant arts and cultural scene. Whether it's the fantastic quality of life on offer, the innovation and excellence demonstrated by the science and technology sectors, or the city's thriving and eclectic music scene, there's still much more to discover about Dundee.

Dundee's new brand, based around the theme of ‘One City, Many Discoveries' and featuring a new ‘spark' logo, builds on an important heritage but also reflects modern Dundee's many facets and offers new opportunities to illuminate all that there is still to discover about the city.

The brand is a new platform from which Dundee can send a unified message to key audiences, to challenge perceptions about the city and to reinforce its distinctive character - not just within Scotland but worldwide.