From industrial to boutique - visit Dundee and witness the dawn of a new city

For over 200 years it was famous for producing three important J’s. Dundee prospered on the back of factories churning out jam (specifically marmalade) and sacking material jute. Both vanished 50 years ago, and only the third J, journalism, survives.

by Rod McPhee


The Angus Glens – A spectacular outdoor day trip from Dundee

The kilt is on. The sun is shining. I’ve got the Angus Glens almost entirely to myself and it’s days like this when the Scottish Highlands have no equal.

by Neil Robertson
Locomotion Scotland


Dundee, exploring the Design and Culture around the City

With Dundee having won UNESCO City of Design, this was the perfect excuse for me to explore the City’s Design and Culture elements and many sights.

by Kim Kjaerside
Kim Kjaerside Travel and Photography Blog


Enjoying the Outdoors in Dundee

“Oh, I wouldn’t have thought of Dundee as a place to do outdoor activities!”, said more than one person when I told them about my up and coming Scotlanders blog project in Dundee.

by Kay Gillespie
The Chaotic Scot


Discover Dundee with the Family

The Scotlanders travelled to Dundee on a mission to discover just what the city had to offer and I brought my daughter along too so we could hunt out some family fun.

by Nicola Holland
Funky Ella's Travel


The Past and the Future

As a traveller I really enjoyed my visit to the Discovery Point museum.  I have my dreams of following  Captain Scott`s footsteps. You should take a visit to hear all about the incredible ship’s journey.  The famous Tall Ship is berthed in the city not too far from train and bus stations.

by Dougie Baird


Dundee – a city of delicious surprises

Historic Dundee on the Firth of Tay on the east coast of Scotland is having a renaissance after a tough period of change.

by Zoe Dawes
The Quirky Traveller


Dundee's First Instameet was Amazing!

I took part in Dundee's first Instameet joining 60 Instagrammers photographing their way around the city to showcase what Dundee has to offer using the hashtag #dundeeinstameet.  By the end of the day I was swelling with pride for the city I consider as home.

by Rachel Davis
Vagabond Baker