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Philip Long, Director, V&A Dundee

Philip is the director of V&A Dundee, set to open in 2018

Born in Edinburgh, Philip has a wealth of experience in arts and culture, having spent his 20 year career working in museums across the country. He is passionate about culture in Scotland, previously holding high-profile roles in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, including National Galleries of Scotland. He sees Dundee as the country's latest cultural hub.

When Philip heard that Dundee would play home to the new museum, he jumped at the chance to head it up, and feels very privileged to be at its helm.

Dundee is an extraordinary city with a long and interesting history

Dundee has an illustrious past and a very bright future. It's tremendously exciting to be part of the city's impressive ambition and shared sense of purpose. All the communities be they local authority, education, arts or business, are working together with a shared vision to redevelop Dundee, allowing it to reach its full potential. The collaborative spirit is second to none.

It's all happening in Dundee

Dundee is a friendly and welcoming city. It is situated in a wonderful location, on the banks of the River Tay and surrounded by beautiful countryside. The city is experiencing - and embracing - a significant amount of cultural change and development, cementing its future as an exciting and vibrant place to live, work, study and visit. It is fast becoming a must-see destination for those stay-cationing in the UK as well as those travelling internationally.

Dundee has the potential to be an international player

As a city we're working closely together to capitalise on these ongoing developments and really maximise the opportunities that arise.  We're becoming more confident all the time and I can't wait for the point where we really shout about what's going on here - it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we want the world to know about it.

It's not just V&A Dundee

There's so much going on in the city, it's not just V&A Dundee. There's the £1bn redevelopment of the waterfront, including the creation of an urban beach and a marina. Then there's our flourishing creative industries sector, fuelled by upcoming design entrepreneurs, across the spectrum from fashion and textiles to digital and games. Tourism is perhaps the fastest developing industry, and the city is working hard with the wider region to reposition itself in the eyes of leisure tourists, as an edgy cultural destination; on top of its existing success with business tourism.

Already these developments are having a positive effect within the city, bringing with them a well deserved new prosperity, job opportunities, increased confidence and civic pride for local people.

Dundee inspires my work

Dundee is both unusual and exciting. It's nothing short of inspirational to be part of city that is reinventing itself at such a rate of knots. The transformation is huge, the shared vision extraordinary - and the excitement is palpable.

Dundonians should be proud of their city - past, present and future

Dundee has a long and prosperous history and the vision it has at the moment is rewarding its people with extraordinary opportunities. The local community deserve to be proud of what they have achieved and where this journey will lead them. These ambitions are not a pipe dream - they are fast becoming reality and the benefits are already clear for all to see.