Sustainable Dundee

Whether you are visiting, living or working in Dundee there are a number of schemes which can help you be more environmentally friendly.  


Abertay Centre for the Environment (ACE) Eco-Partnerships

The University of Abertay's ACE Eco-Partnerships scheme aims to help businesses in Tayside and Fife improve their environmental performance, and provides economic support to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by creating and sustaining employment. Under the scheme, specialists investigate opportunities for industrial symbiosis among qualifying businesses - where the wastes or outputs from one SME could be used by a neighbouring (or linked) SME.

 Discovery Compost

Discovery Compost

Discovery Compost is a unique scheme which enables better waste management and conservation through production of local compost. Dundee City Council collects domestic garden waste to produce ‘Discovery Compost', a high quality alternative to peat-based products which can be used in domestic gardens or larger scale projects.


Dundee Liftshare Scheme

Dundee's car sharing scheme can help you reduce congestion, cut down on pollution, save money and protect the environment. Free to use, you simply share the travel costs.


Dundee Renewables

Renewable energy is an important part of the future for Dundee and the broader local economy, encompassing wind, marine and hydro energy, as well as bio, solar and geothermal energy. There are a growing number of businesses in Dundee who are either currently involved or are seeking to engage in the renewable sector.

Dundee has a strong history of successful partnership working and Dundee Renewables aim is to work together to raise the profile of the renewables potential and opportunity that exists in the city.


Dundee Travel Active

Dundee is taking an active role in encouraging residents and visitors to the city to reduce their car use and choose more sustainable and active ways of getting around including walking and cycling on the city's Green Circular Route.

Bus Shelter 

Dundee Travel Info is the website for all your local travel needs.  It provides accurate and easy to understand information on bus services, taxis, trains, cycling and walking, parking, roadworks and much more.    The journey planner function allows you to plan your journeys across the city.  There is an interactive map that displays bus routes and provides realtime information.  The website can be personalised to suit individual users and you can sign up to receive regular travel news updates.


Waste to Energy Plant

The Waste to Energy plant at Baldovie is a state-of-the-art facility run by Dundee Energy Recycling Ltd. It processes 120,000 tones of municipal and commercial waste each year and generate enough electricity to meet its own needs as well an input into the local public supply. It also recovers metal for resale and recycles packaging waste.