Dundee’s renaissance has sparked a boom in specialist tours of the city.

With visitors coming from far and wide, and locals showing renewed pride in their surroundings, new opportunities to explore its history and environment are springing up all the time.

Lynne Short, convener of Dundee City Council's City Development Committee, said: "Dundee is a city that rewards a closer look as there's so much here to see and do that appeals to all tastes.

“So a specialist tour of the city can give huge and unexpected rewards to the curious visitor who wants to know a lot more about one aspect of our fantastic and complex city."  

Most of the tours are on foot, taking advantage of Dundee’s “walkable city” geography.

Among the first to set up specialist tours were Dark Dundee, who started running walking tours in 2016.

Since then they have done over 15 different tours, covering various areas and topics of Dundee’s dark history.

They’ve now expanded into other tours under the Discover Dundee brand, and information can be found here.

We also have Bright Dundee guided walking history tours. The purpose of the tour is to educate, enlighten, and entertain by building a picture in our minds of what actually existed around Albert Square in 1867, to discover certain artefacts attached to the buildings, and to learn the meanings of the statues and plaques along the way.

A recent addition to the city’s tour calendar is Dundee Photo Tours, a guided tour lead by local Dundee photographers.

It gives people the opportunity to develop their photography skills. Focused on not just Dundee’s Iconic buildings, it also helps folk discover hidden works of art in the most unlikely of places. 

Others operators include Dundee Running Tours, who offer numerous types and lengths of more energetic tours exploring across the city.

Open/Close Dundee Tours give people the opportunity to discover the artwork hidden down the lanes, closes and alleyways of Dundee.

Scot Free Tours run an audio tour around the city. The beauty of this tour is that you can do it at whatever time suits you. It also includes a map to help you navigate your way around the city centre. 


If you are lucky enough to be coming to Dundee for business reasons then be sure to make the most of the city's compactness and take whatever time you have to explore the city's offerings. The Dundee and Angus Convention Bureau have information to help anyone coming here on business or as delegates...