You might not automatically think about visiting a shopping mall or a boutique hotel to buy your eggs and fruit and veg, but here in Dundee we love to do things differently. In a modern twist on a farm honesty box, Dundee can claim to have led the way in exploring new ways for shoppers to connect with the fantastic fresh food grown on our doorstep. 

Fresh food vending machines, selling seasonal fruit and veg have been installed in the ‘Overgate Shopping Centre’ in the city-centre and in the grounds of ‘Taypark House Hotel’ in the west end of the city. 

Each machine is filled every morning with packs of potatoes, boxes of free-range eggs and mixed boxes of veg straight from Grewar’s family farm in Perthshire. The Grewar’s who have been farmers in the area since 1905 believe people enjoy the round-the-clock appeal of it, as well as knowing that everything is fresh and properly local. 


Indie Markets

Many of Dundee’s artists, jewellers, designers and artisan food traders often come together to create pop-up markets particularly in the Summer months or around Christmas time. Recommendations include pop-up Dundee Markets usually held in the City Centre, WASPS Open Days held at WASPS Artist...


Dundee is often described as ‘a walkable city’, meaning it’s a pleasant stroll around the city centre and neighbouring areas without the need for transport.  In the largely pedestrianised city centre you’ll find a wide selection of known brands and stores in and around The Overgate Shopping Centre...