Our youngest Ambassador Andrew Batchelor, a student at Harris Academy set up a Facebook Page in 2013 to promote Dundee when he was just 13.  Now the page has 6000 likes and is viewed  by more than 25,000 people every week from countries all over the world. 

If young people ask me for advice on things to do in Dundee I tell them about the Odeon and Cineworld cinemas, the Olympia swimming pool, the Ice Arena, SoccerWorld and the Factory Skatepark. These are all great places to visit.

My favourite landmark in the city is the Dundee Law because I spent a lot of time there with my family when I was younger and it always provides an amazing view across the city.

The future feels positive. The new waterfront, the V&A and the development opportunities will be a fantastic economic boom for the future. Dundee is pretty central to all the surrounding areas of Scotland and I feel there are new and exciting opportunities ahead for the people who live and work here and who choose to visit or move here.

I see myself working in graphic design, marketing and technology and maybe even having my own business. I'd love to continue my Facebook page Dundee: A City of Culture as I grow up in the city.