Andy is Chief Executive of Insights, a global learning and development organisation that he co-founded with his father in Dundee over 20 years ago. He hails from a long line of Dundee personalities - his grandfather ran the famous Palais dancehall, and his father was a jazz musician who was also responsible for bringing the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to Dundee.

Dundee is a fantastic city that is steeped in history and in the midst of exciting change. Our story in jute is outstanding and signifies our glorious past.  But to use the words of a wise man, Charles Handy, I believe ‘we must not let our past, however glorious, stand in the way of our future'. 

Dundee is my home, it's my story. We set up Insights in Dundee over 20 years ago. I had been working in banking in London when I began to consider my goals for the future. In my heart of hearts I knew I wanted to be back in my home town. Around the same time my father was considering his next venture so we set about growing the organisation together. We haven't looked back and are both extremely proud that we have built our now global business from Dundee, our home. Contributing to the local economy means everything to us and we're looking forward to what the next 20 years in the city will bring.

Nothing beats coming back into Dundee and seeing the River Tay open up with its two magnificent bridges. It's beautiful, and definitely one of the most inspiring views I have witnessed. Dundonians should feel both lucky and proud to be living in such close proximity to the water of the River Tay and the beauty it offers.

Dundee offers great heritage attractions. Dundee Heritage Trust offers two world class, 5-star visitor attractions - Captain Robert Falcon Scott's iconic ship, RRS Discovery, and Verdant Works, which celebrates the history of the jute industry in Dundee's industrial past.   These are internationally renowned assets, and we need to take more advantage of them.

One of Dundee's greatest attributes is its close proximity to some of the world's most celebrated golf courses. From Carnoustie to St Andrews and then on to Gleneagles, some of the finest golfers have graced our turf and we're lucky to have these courses on our doorstep.