Irving is a classically-trained hairdresser and owner of Freedom hair salon. Born and bred in the city, Irving is passionate about his home town and has always been positive about its potential and its people.

Dundee is home. It's as simple as that really. I am very proud to say where I come from and the city has always been an inspiration to me - both for my work and for the things I am interested and passionate about - art and design. The Tay Bridge, the Law, the people, their attitude and most of all the creativity in this city - those are just some of the things that make it so special for me. 

Dundee has been through many recessions and hard times but it always manages to re-invent itself and this latest chapter will prove what we Dundonians already know - this is a fantastic city with a truly creative gene in its DNA.

I'm really keen to celebrate and showcase the talents of local people and this year we have had several art exhibitions in the salon - it's been hugely successful and gives the artist a platform to exhibit to people who wouldn't ordinarily see their work. Our customers and the artists love it . At Freedom we do as much as we can to help local charities and have raised in excess of £50,000. We raise money for Maggie's Centre through an annual event where we have a competition to find a new model from Dundee - known as the Face of Freedom. As always in Dundee, local businesses, individuals and organisations rally round to help. That's the beauty of a small city like ours - everyone knows everyone else. Our individual and collective ability to embrace new ideas is the key to Dundee's future.