Jane Adams and her partner Ruaridh McKelvey have set up a new and innovative dental practice in Dundee specialising in orthodontics - the straightening of teeth. 

In 2007, Jane and Ruaridh returned to Dundee and set about converting the former Evangelical Church Hall in South Tay Street into their state-of-the-art Specialist Orthodontic practice, Beam. 

We decided to set up in Dundee because there was a demand for Specialist Orthodontics in this area, and it gave us the opportunity to move closer to family. We are right round the corner from the dental hospital and since our business works on referrals from dentists, we couldn't be better placed. We run Continuing Professional Development courses for dentists here and have worked hard at establishing a forward thinking, proactive hub. We were really chuffed to win best Specialist Practice of the Year in the recent Dentistry Scotland Awards.

Dundee is my home and it welcomed me when I came back. Having no real training in business I have found the people at Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce helpful and friendly and I love the can-do attitude here. I think it's because it is a small city compared to Glasgow Edinburgh and Aberdeen that it is so open and accepting, I guess the constant influx of new young talent with the Universities helps. Refreshingly it also seems willing to treat everyone equally, and you get great chat from our taxi drivers!"

The V & A and the Waterfront project is having a ripple effect, encouraging innovative new business to start up and attracting established firms that have previously overlooked Dundee. The larger developments are stimulating a thriving small business culture and is being seen by many as the place to locate when considering start-ups. I am convinced that if you attract interesting people to a place, and they have an expectation and a need for a particular product or service, it will happen. 

In addition to locating her business at the start of the buzzing cultural quarter Jane lives in the West End and loves the small specialist shops like Frasers on Perth Road!