Lesley is an award winning journalist and broadcaster.

There is no other city in the world quite like Dundee where you can go from a cow to a traffic light in half a mile. The fact that you can go from the real countryside to the centre of the city in such a short space of time across the bridge without taking ages to trawl through suburbia is just brilliant. 

Being so close to the water is exciting in a funny kind of way. I live on the Fife side of the water and one of the greatest experiences in life has to be cycling across the Tay Bridge - I'd highly recommend it to anyone. The number of ways you experience water in Dundee is tremendous, it's so arresting and the different directions you see the sun set on the Tay are to die for. 

Dundee is a very playful city. It's physically inspiring; the people are so talkative and are the funniest in Scotland. It's slightly lateral and down to earth all mixed together - the boring middle is gone. I find that almost any day funny things happen that ‘can only happen in Dundee' - it's just people being people and it gives me great pleasure.

The cultural side of Dundee is fantastic for such a small city. The Rep Theatre is a towering achievement - a real people achievement that Dundonians should be proud of. It always attracts a complete mix of people from all walks of life and that's exactly what theatre should be all about. 

Dundee has a wealth of opportunities at its fingertips. It has an unrivalled capacity for harnessing solar, water and wind energy. It has more hours of winter sunshine that any other city and 60% of its housing stock is on a south facing slope in front of the Law, which makes it perfect for generating solar power. People tend to think that you need lots of summer sun for solar energy but this is not the case - winter sun is ideal. Its wind potential is also huge - the two Michelin turbines are great but I would like to see more of this in the city. It's even a natural source for tidal energy with the Tay's tidal estuary flowing into the North Sea. So, I would love to see Dundee realise its potential here and would happily champion it being a completely renewable city.