Ricky believes Dundee is a place to be proud of. As the frontman of multimillion-selling band Deacon Blue, he has had massive audiences in the palm of his hand. Ricky presents his own Radio Scotland music show ‘Another Country’. His bond with Dundee remains strong.

 “Dundee is a great city with a proud heritage. It's a friendly place with its own humour that always makes me laugh. It is located in the perfect place to see so many beautiful parts of Scotland.

Dundee has re-invented itself and grown to be this confident centre of excellence in so many fields.
Medical and academic research, the games industry and the arts are all huge factors in this. It's no wonder Dundee is the first UK UNESCO City of Design.

For me the academic research and the arts development have been outstanding. The Rep has paved the way for Scottish theatre and, having worked there I know what a focal point that company and building have been.

When I look at Dundee now I'm most proud of its ambition. Dundee no longer "knows its place" but instead seeks to be somewhere where excellence thrives.

Because of Dundee's size, it has welcomed all kinds of newcomers and I believe that, in microcosm, Dundee is a picture of the smart, ambitious country Scotland could still become.”