Revealing Characters

30th April - 10:00
From poets and muses to men with big noses, there is plenty in this dynamic display to inspire and entertain as this exhibition continues its popular run.

Boulton and Watt Steam Engine Demonstration

30th April - 11:00
The star object of the High Mill is an 1801-1802 Boulton and Watt steam engine, on kind loan from Dundee City Council via a partnership with Leisure and Culture Dundee.

Give Blood

30th April - 14:30
We need your donation now, so please come and see us as soon as you can. Our friendly and professional staff look forward to welcoming you.

Spiritual and Personal Development Group

30th April - 19:00
Plant the seeds, nurture and feed and watch your souls growth.Our Fortnightly Soul Garden group, focuses on exploring the Metaphysical and Spiritual world.