Posted : 12 July 2017

Pay a visit to one of the many stylish bars in Dundee, and it’s likely that you can choose a refreshment that has been created right here in the city. Over the past few years Scotland has been producing delicious gins and imaginative craft beers – and you can find some of them here in Dundee.

Dundee Gin

The first release from Dundee Gin had the true taste of the city in every glass. Dundee Gin boss Peter Menzies wanted to create something that paid to the city’s heritage. Working with Mackay’s, the Arbroath-based preserve manufacturer, Dundee Gin blended the spirit with Mackay’s Dundee Marmalade to create Dundee Marmalade Gin, which flew off the shelves when it launched in December 2016, and was exported around the world. There is also has a traditional Tay Navy Strength Gin.

Law Brewing Company

The Law is Dundee’s most ancient and prominent landmark. It has also given its name to one of the city’s breweries which, as well as being inspired by the hill, is driven by Dundee’s love of music. Law Brewing founder Danny Cullen describes its All-Nighter Golden Ale, inspired by Northern Soul dance events, as a refreshing golden beer with a heavy beat of tropical/citrus notes and a fast tempo of marmalade. Mods will love the target-themed packaging. Beer lovers will sing the praises of its taste.

Verdant Gin

In 2017, Verdant Spirits opened the first city distillery for 200 years. Based in the West End of the city, the first spirit to be bottled was Verdant Gin, a small-batch release that has proved popular with traditionalists and mixologists looking for something with citrus freshness but spicy undertones for their creations. The botanicals used are inspired by the routes that were once used by traders to and from the port of Dundee.

Verdant hopes to extend the range of spirits it offers in years to come.

71 Lager

The clean taste of 71 Lager, the Bohemian Pilsner produced by 71 Brewing, is reflected in its minimalist but slightly abstract packaging, highly appropriate for Dundee, a UNESCO City of Design. 71 Brewing, based in the former Blackness Foundry, says that it can thank the soft Dundee water for the taste of its Pilsner. Combine that with Czech noble hops and British Pilsner malt and it’s an ideal tipple for sitting out in beer gardens, while enjoying the Dundee summer.