Dundee has an increasing number of tours, trails and interesting walks.

Dundee’s renaissance has sparked a boom in specialist walks and tours of the city.

With visitors coming from far and wide, and locals showing renewed pride in their surroundings, new opportunities to explore its history and environment are springing up all the time.

Most of the tours are on foot, taking advantage of Dundee’s “walkable city” geography.

Among the first to set up specialist tours were DD Tourswho started running walking tours in 2016.  They now have over 15 different tours on offer.  Or try their newly launched audio tour which explores the waterfront of Broughty Ferry, it's their first so it's completely free.

Dundee Waterfront Walks also offer specialist walking tours, for those who wish to learn more about Dundee History - around the Museums Quarter;  Historic Broughty Ferry or Specialised “ Dundee in War and Peace” .

In addition to this you can do a running tour to explore the city with Dundee Running Tours or explore artwork hidden down lanes with Open/Close Dundee or view artists work in some Dundee Windowsand a tour of Albert Square with Bright Dundee tours which is also home to The McManus:  Dundee's Art Gallery & Museum  (they also have audio tours in various languages available within the gallery, and audio guide to enjoy from the comfort of your home).

Recent additions to the city’s tour calendar include : 

There are a number of trails and healthy walks in Dundee, or other walks you can do independently including the new Maritime Trail,  Dundee Heritage Walk,  Discovery Walk , Dundee Architectural TrailDundee Women's Trail  and V&A Dundee - Designers in Residence - Assemble, some of which can be found in our 24 & 48 hour guides to the city.   
Alternatively you may have an interest in public art which can take many forms, and different aspects of it are also known by other names – civic art, town art, community art, street art.  Have a look at Public Art Dundee, where you will find a record of permanently sited pieces of artwork intended for public viewing that are outwith a museum or art gallery.
There are also a series of self-guided walking tours through pioneering scientific research in medicine, biology, forensics, nursing and dentistry from the past to the present by University of Dundee - School of Life Sciences.
Alternatively if you are looking to relax in the comfort of your home, head over to the University of Dundee's online resource page, as they have created a wide array of #StayHome activities and virtual tours for all to enjoy!    


If you are lucky enough to be coming to Dundee for business reasons then be sure to make the most of the city's compactness and take whatever time you have to explore the city's offerings. The Dundee and Angus Convention Bureau have information to help anyone coming here on business or as delegates...