NB most of the content and videos were created pre COVID-19


"Dundee Eats" shines a spotlight on the locally produced food and drink that you'll not want to miss whilst in our area.

24 Hours In Dundee

Spending 24 hours in Dundee? This guide will make sure you see the best Dundee has to offer.
Download the 24 hours in Dundee guide below.

48 Hours in Dundee

Spending 48 hours in Dundee? This guide will make sure you see the best Dundee has to offer.
Download the 48 Hours in Dundee guide below.

Tour Guide Tales: RRS Discovery - Made in Dundee

View the Tour Guide Tales: Made for Adventure: Dundee video here...

Foodie Highlights

What are your travel plans this year? Join Petr and Katya on a foodie adventure across Dundee and Angus when they visited in 2018. Featuring Dundee Cake, Arbroath Smokies, a Dundee Peh on a Roll and more check out these 8 unique foodie highlights unique to the East of Scotland.

Riverside Walk

Discover the shoreline walk and cycleway which links Discovery Point with the Botanic Gardens, Riverside Nature Park and beyond.

Sunny Dundee

We all forget something when packing for a trip, but fear not if you’ve forgotten your sunglasses on a trip to Dundee this summer. When visitors arrive in Dundee to soak in the culture they could also soak up the blue skies of Scotland’s sunniest city.

Tay Country

Scotland's Tay Country... designed for the senses and so much more. Why not plan your next trip to Tay Country now? https://www.taycountry.uk  

This is Dundee

Welcome to Dundee! Take a one minute tour of Dundee courtesy of the University of Dundee....

Dundee Literary Trail Map

Dundee has a rich and interesting history of poets and authors with many locations in Dundee being linked to their books or poems.

Leisure and Culture Dundee produced this fantastic Literary Trail Map so you can go on a journey and discover some of these amazing locations.

Download the map and start exploring.