Brothers Michael and David Romilly set up the successful Dundee company Waracle, devoted to creating high performance apps for mobile, web and smart TV. 

David and Michael's enthusiasm for Dundee is based on their conviction that Dundee has strengths that other cities don't.

Dundee may be small in comparison to Glasgow and Edinburgh and Aberdeen but being located here has massive advantages in terms of running a creative technology business. Because it's small there's a cross pollination of ideas, of creativity and people are willing to share. 

Most of our developers were trained at Abertay University. The way that talent flows out of the universities and can be picked up by companies like ours is, I think pretty unique. Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings, created in Dundee were so phenomenally successful that it gave start-up companies the confidence to think they could do it as well.

The city has so many great things going for it - probably for me it's the spectacular setting on the river and with the hills behind it - I think I read that in Japanese Feng Shui, that's the perfect position for a city to have - it's not dissimilar, geologically to San Francisco. We have done business there and it has a similar feel to me both in terms of the setting and of the creative communities there.

In the next 10 years I believe the city will have changed beyond recognition. I think it also means we will be able to hold on to younger people who will hopefully find work here rather than moving away."

Dundee is at a tipping point - the city which was so successful as Juteopolis last century can be even more so now - the addition of a fourth j - joysticks - is one of the keys to future success.