Tim is the managing director of Unicorn Properties, a major developer on Dundee's Waterfront. Tim's company first ventured into Dundee in 2005 when they set about breathing new life into the city's abandoned commercial and industrial premises. Over the past nine years they have survived the recession and come out at the forefront of urban renewal on the Dundee Waterfront and beyond.

There's a real energy in the city just now. My favourite things about Dundee are its location and its energy. Dundee's young people, as well as its students and academics, are a huge asset to the city and continue to feed the sense of energy and excitement.

A firestorm of innovation. Over the last decade Dundee has experienced movement at all levels - political, civic, private and public. All over the city there is a sense of regeneration and renewal, which has been led by the council. The Council lit a fire with its 30 year plan and this has spread throughout all industries and communities.

Only blue skies ahead. Dundee continues to inspire my work because it's easy to get things right here. There is a great sense of positivity around developing the city and the council and politicians always give businesses a clear direction. The sky is the limit in Dundee - it is small enough to know and love, but large enough to really mean something.