Travel wherever and whenever you want by coming by road to Dundee.  Motoring is fast and efficient as Dundee has some of the best roads in the UK.  If you're driving, you're carrying a little piece of Dundee around with you.  James Bowman Lindsay sent the first ever wireless radio broadcast from Dundee, and now the radio is an essential travel companion in almost every car on the road.

Plan your road trip to our region, Edinburgh is 90 minutes away by car, Manchester is five hours away by car and London an eight hour drive. It’s easy to see journey times and routes using AA Route Planner while you’ll find Live traffic news, 24 hours a day, from AA Roadwatch.

Central Dundee has a Low Emission Zone, an area where only certain vehicles are allowed to enter based on their emissions standards. LEZs reduce pollution levels and improve air quality by stopping the most polluting vehicles entering a specific area. Find out more on the Council website.

Edinburgh Airport to Dundee - direct bus X90

National Express has services from around the UK to Dundee.

Stagecoach  operates around the surrounding areas of Dundee.

Ember's electric coach has frequent services between Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Kinross, Edinburgh Airport and more.

FLiXBUS operate regular services to and from Dundee to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Dunfermline and Stirling.  They also have a direct route from Dundee to Bristol, with routes to Manchester, Birmingham and Carlisle.  NEC holders can use their Scottish services for free.





Coach Parking  & Visitor Parking 


Drive Times MilesDuration
Aberdeen661hr 30m
Birmingham3666hrs 20m
Bristol4477hrs 35m
Edinburgh621hr 20m
Glasgow821hr 50m
London4798hrs 24m
Manchester2915hrs 10m


For getting around Dundee city, read more on Active Travel.