On Saturday the 23rd December come and wave Santa off as he collects all of the Christmas letters from the City Square at 1pm!  Delve into the spirit of the festive season and experience all that is on offer, and create unforgettable memories with a day of extraordinary FREE Christmas activities for all the family!


Opening hours: 11am - 3pm    FREE  -  no booking required. 

11.30am Raymond Reindeer (walkabout)

12.20pm Raymond Reindeer (show)

1pm Santa picks up letters 

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Bubble Fun by Poppy Bubbles: Dive into a world of whimsy with Poppy Bubbles and her mesmerising bubbly adventures!












Friends Frankie and Baz have hot-hoofed it all the way from Lapland with a very special new friend: the one and only rocking, dancing, Christmas reindeer, Raymond.

All three are bursting at the seams to share fun, laughter and songs with everyone in Dundee. Move over Rudolph, Raymond is coming to town!











Mark your calendars for Saturday 23rd December, and make your way to City Square for a day of festive magic. Don't forget to bring your smiles, your festive spirit and your love for all things Christmas. Get Ready to Experience City Square's Magical Christmas Special! 
















Activities are FREE family fun, all welcome to join in. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for more information and updates. 

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