Dundee is the UK's first City of Design designated by the United Nations.

The city has been recognised by UNESCO for its diverse contributions to fields including medical research, comics and video games.

The City of Design designation has previously been awarded to 12 cities, including Beijing, Berlin and Montreal.

Dundee was added to the Unesco grouping of "creative cities" alongside European cities Turin, Helsinki, Bilbao and Curitiba in Brazil.

The title recognises the design innovations Dundee has contributed to the world, including aspirin, biomedical research which has led to hundreds of new cancer drugs, comics including the Beano and Dandy, orange marmalade, and video games including Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto.

This accolade further strengthens the city's growing reputation as a hub of cultural and creative excellence and an international centre for the creative industries and is a truly international recognition for Dundee's innovative design sector.

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