NEW SOUND WALK OF DUNDEE AVAILABLE FOR LIGHT NIGHTS WEEKENDA Dundonian multi-instumentalist has created unique soundscapes to represent individual parts of the city of Dundee.
Andrew Wasylyk - the alias of Scottish writer and producer Andrew Mitchell - has created a series of vignettes to help people explore the city through sound.

Six architectural sites are included in the walk and include Matthew Building ( Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design), McManus Galleries, The Howff (also the location for Kathy Hinde's Luminous Birds exhibition) and St Andrew's Cathedral.

The tracks can be downloaded at , as a musical accompaniment  to a journey around the streets of Dundee, where the buildings and spaces sing.
From the celebrated to the forgotten, the melancholic to the uplifting, the ambient to the hypnotic, Wasylyk's soundtrack asks the nostalgist in us all to consider an alternative view of Dundee, Andrew's home city.

The tour  lasts around 45 minutes and the music is  available to download until 5pm on Sunday 20 November. This This piece has been devised for NEON Digital Arts Festival to complement Dundee City's Light Nights, Festival of Architecture 2016 Finale, taking place 18-19 November. Part of Scotland's Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.

#LightNightsDND #FOA2016 #IAD2016


added - 16 November 2016