Come fly to us...  The London City service flies twice daily (Mon-Fri, single flight Sun).  Belfast City - daily return flight (Tue, Wed, Fri & Sun), and Shetland - daily return (Mon & Fri, linked to London City).   Dundee Airport is a 10 minute drive from the city centre.

Book your flights between London/Belfast/Shetland and Dundee at

International flights are also available at other Scottish airports. Aberdeen operates over 50 routes, Edinburgh has 100 world-wide destinations, and Glasgow offers flights to 110 places, giving global access to Dundee.

Edinburgh Airport Bus:  The fantastic Xplore More Service is a quick and hassle free way of getting from Dundee to Edinburgh Airport.  For more information and to book tickets:     

By Train/Air: Edinburgh Gateway Railway station can be accessed via tram link which operates every 7 minutes and takes 7 minutes.  The Gateway Railway station provides direct rail connections to Dundee (journey time 1 hour and 20m).  Combined tram/rail ticket can be purchased at
Edinburgh Airport Transport Map