Posted : 3 July 2020

A new walking trail celebrating Dundee’s connection with the sea is being launched today (Friday, July 3).

As the city centre starts to reopen and lockdown restrictions ease, local people are being encouraged to explore the two-kilometre long Maritime Trail in the Waterfront.

The trail – and its accompanying website - highlights the rich history of the waterfront area, and hopes to inspire Dundonians to increase their knowledge of the city’s important maritime heritage. 

Starting at the Waterfront, the circular trail takes users on an exploration of key areas that link Dundee to the water.

It includes celebrated historic vessels such as RRS Discovery and HMS Unicorn, and some less well-known architectural and artistic gems that people may not have spotted.

Created as a collaboration between Dundee City Council, Leisure & Culture Dundee and community partners, the project will develop to include further contributions from the Dundee community.

City development convener Councillor Alan Ross said: “This new trail is a fantastic way to explore the Waterfront area and our city’s historic connection with the sea.

“It allows us to enjoy the transformed, modern Waterfront and at the same time celebrates an important part of our city’s heritage.

“Many of us have been connecting with outdoor spaces and the history of our communities in recent weeks, and this is another enjoyable way to do that.

“I look forward to local people safely enjoying the trail, and visitors from further afield joining them in the future as restrictions are further eased.”

Bill Newcombe, chair of Dundee City Centre and Harbour Community Council, said: “We were very pleased to learn that the Maritime Trail is being launched.

“The Harbour area has a rich and important maritime history. The trail will help to highlight this hidden history, and we hope it attracts local people and, in the longer term, tourists to visit the area.

“Earlier this year the Community Council managed to secure funds to paint a mural on the Tay riverside. 

“The chosen subject was the Dundee Whale in recognition of the City’s past whaling history.  The mural is located on the trail and we hope many people will be able to enjoy it.”

Pictures show Councillor Alan Ross, convener of City Development, in City Quay with one of the signs that help make up the trail.