Posted : 11 May 2023

Dundee’s air connections soared to new heights this week with the launch of Loganair’s new Heathrow routes.

The City of Discovery’s link with the UK capital’s bustling aviation hub has been restored for the first time in 40 years, bringing game-changing opportunities for inward investment, tourism and onward travel.

The historic milestone was celebrated at a special event at Dundee Airport as Loganair’s new Heathrow to Shetland via Dundee service was greeted by members of Dundee City Council as the inaugural arrival touched down just after 11am.

As announced in April, Loganair – the UK’s largest regional airline - is now offering connections to London Heathrow from Derry, Dundee, Orkney and Shetland in addition to its existing Isle of Man services.

Derry flights switched from London Stansted on Saturday 6th May, while flights to Dundee left from Heathrow (previously London City) for the first time in 40 years on Tuesday.

The changes have brought the first-ever link between City of Derry Airport and Heathrow, connected Sumburgh and Heathrow for the first time and restored an air link from Heathrow to Dundee last offered a generation ago.

The change from London City on the Shetland via Dundee route means Dundee customers will now be able to book connections to and from Dundee via London Heathrow to 97 destinations in 45 countries, with today’s Shetland-bound arrival also underlining the UK regional connectivity now being offered via the airline.

Loganair Chief Commercial Officer, Luke Lovegrove, said: “Dundee is now plugged in to Heathrow’s connections with the rest of the world thanks to these new routes, offering incredible opportunities for travel, tourism and inward investment into the City and wider Tayside region.

“For the first time in a generation, Dundonians will have the option to use their local airport to fly worldwide or take the short journey to explore Shetland – one of the most remote and unique communities in the UK.

“These routes really take Loganair’s provision of regional connectivity to new heights and it was wonderful to celebrate the moment in a city which means so much to Loganair.

Mark Flynn convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee said: “The London Heathrow service is predicted to provide economic and social benefits to Dundee and the wider city-region, through access to a global hub without the need for passengers to travel to another Scottish airport.

“At the same time, the connectivity to London itself is quick and straightforward and the route is a great way to get to the UK capital for business or leisure travellers coming from Dundee.”

Liz Henderson, Director of Membership and Events at London Chamber of Commerce said: Sustainable aviation is vital for British business to grow jobs and the economy across the United Kingdom and overseas. Loganair’s new Heathrow routes achieve that by boosting connectivity across key regions in the UK, ranging from traditional business and tourism centres to some of the country’s most remote destinations.

Lorna Jack, Chair of Dundee Airport Limited (DAL) Board said:It has been great to be able to join the team here in Dundee today, as they welcomed the first flight from London Heathrow that will be connecting through to Sumburgh.

“We are delighted to support Dundee City Council and Loganair on this new service which is a positive move in terms of air travel to and from the City of Discovery.  Heathrow opens a world of onward connectivity opportunities for the people of Dundee and the wider Tayside area.


Picture (L-R):  Liz Henderson, Director of Membership and Events at London Chamber of Commerce;  Mark Flynn, Convener of Dundee City Council's City Development Committe;  Loganair Chief Commercial Officer, Luke Lovegrove;  Lorna Jack, Chair of Dundee Airport Limited (DAL) Board  


Posted : 21 April 2023

"The UK Department for Transport has now confirmed Loganair's plans for Dundee Airport into Heathrow"

The UK Department for Transport has now confirmed Loganair’s plans to move Public Service Obligation (PSO) air services from City of Derry and Dundee Airports into Heathrow, in a move described by the airline as a “gamechanger” for regional connectivity.

The UK’s largest regional airline announced its intention earlier this week to move the Dundee and Derry flights - currently linked to the capital via London City Airport and Stansted respectively - to London Heathrow, subject to Government consent.

That approval has now been received from the UK Secretary of State for Transport, affirming the move of City of Derry and Dundee services into Heathrow’s Terminal 2 from Saturday 6 May.  This will be the first ever link between Derry and Heathrow, and for Dundee, restores an air link last offered almost 40 years ago.

Scottish island communities in Orkney and Shetland also stand to benefit from the move as Loganair’s same-plane services from Kirkwall Airport in the Orkney Islands and Sumburgh Airport in the Shetland Islands via Dundee will fly to London Heathrow from Sunday 7 May.   

Moving to London Heathrow brings a range of global flight connections to customers, who can also benefit from Loganair’s multiple interline and codeshare agreements. This includes a long-standing relationship with British Airways, the largest airline at Heathrow, with worldwide connections from all four new domestic destinations bookable via from Friday 21 April.

The new routes – operated by Loganair’s locally-based crews in Derry and Dundee – will provide new inward investment opportunities and tourism into the UK’s regions.  

Jonathan Hinkles, Loganair’s Chief Executive, said: “This is a milestone moment for Loganair - and indeed for regional connectivity.

“With approval from the Department for Transport and opening of worldwide connections for booking with British Airways, we’re now all set for this move to Heathrow. It will be revolutionary for connectivity for Derry and Dundee and the regions that the airports serve, and the benefits will be felt as far afield as Orkney and Shetland too.” 

Aviation Minister Baroness Vere said: “Our funding continues to sustain these vital transport links, support local jobs, and provide passengers with more options whilst travelling between London, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

“By approving the move to Heathrow, we’re boosting local economies in Derry/Londonderry and Dundee, and passengers will enjoy more onward connections.”

Today (21 April), British Airways has confirmed it will extend its partnership with Loganair adding 11 new routes to its codeshare agreement. The expansion will now give British Airways’ customers access to 46 of Loganair’s UK routes, meaning that customers can book onward connections from destinations across the airline’s route network, or point to point travel in the UK more easily through British Airways’ website. Customers who book onto these selected routes operated by Loganair through can also earn Avios and Tier points as part of British Airways’ Executive Club programme.

The new routes available to book from later today include:

  • Aberdeen to Newcastle
  • Belfast City to Dundee
  • Belfast City to Inverness*
  • Isle of Man to Cornwall, Newquay
  • London Heathrow to Dundee
  • London Heathrow to Kirkwall, Orkney
  • London Heathrow to Sumburgh, Shetland
  • Southampton to Stornoway
  • Manchester to Sumburgh, Shetland
  • Manchester to Stornoway*
  • Dublin to Inverness**

Jonathan added: “We welcome the news of our codeshare agreement expansion with British Airways. This is a cherished partnership and one which further consolidates our position as the go-to airline for connectivity across the United Kingdom.” 

Posted : 17 April 2023

"Gamechanger" for worldwide connectivity for Dundee and surrounding regions

Loganair, the UK’s largest regional airline, has today announced its intention to move the Public Service Obligation (PSO) air service linking Dundee Airport and London into Heathrow with effect from Saturday 6th May, 2023.

The airline has recently gained additional access to slots at Heathrow, and subject to Government approval, will move its Dundee service from the current London terminus of London City into Heathrow’s Terminal Two from Sunday 7th May.   This will offer continued excellent access to central London – where the new Elizabeth Line now connects the nation’s premier airport to key City destinations.

Just as importantly, the move to London Heathrow opens up a tremendous range of new connections from Dundee – firmly establishing Dundee’s place on the worldwide map of air routes for the first time in nearly 40 years since previous links between Dundee and Heathrow were severed.  Customers will be able to book single-ticket, assured connections to and from Dundee via London Heathrow to 97 destinations in 45 countries.  

Destinations across Europe, Middle East, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia ranging from Singapore and Hong Kong through to Buenos Aires and Budapest will all be available from Dundee through Loganair’s growing range of airline partnerships, including with British Airways, the largest airline at Heathrow.

“The move to Heathrow truly is a gamechanger for Dundee’s air links,” says Loganair Chief Executive Jonathan Hinkles.  “Alongside excellent ground transport links into central London, the new range of global flight connections will bring new inward investment opportunities and tourism into the wider region, together with enabling travellers from the Dundee region to use their local airport to fly worldwide for the first time.”

Heathrow Chief Commercial Officer Ross Baker said:  “Welcoming further Loganair services to Heathrow is exciting, with UK passengers and businesses set to benefit from hundreds of onward connections around the world.  Our domestic charging discounts will continue to support further growth in our domestic network – which is vital to strengthen our role as the UK’s hub airport, helping to level-up investment across the country, while connecting more people and businesses to global growth.”

The move to Heathrow will open up more seats on each flight – as aircraft performance limitations at London City impose restrictions today - whilst more efficient air traffic routings into Heathrow will cut flight times and carbon emissions.   All flights will continue to be operated by Loganair’s locally-based Dundee crews and ATR42 aircraft.

All Loganair flights are covered by the GreenSkies programme with carbon emissions fully offset through certified international schemes to remove an amount of carbon from the atmosphere equivalent to that generated by each flight.


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