Posted : 16 April 2020

We feel it's important during this difficult time to celebrate those who are working even harder than ever to help the community.  Here you will find dedicated Dundee businesses, updated over the coming weeks, that we love to celebrate and say a small thank you to.  If you are or know anyone who is working for the betterment of our city at this time please get in touch to champion you or them as a #DundeeHero

Les Turriff

Three weeks ago, when restaurants and bars were closed, Les Turriff faced decimation of its business. When they realised they could help the community with the plentiful fresh produce at their disposal, they jumped into action. Knowing they had no supply chain issues as well as staff and vehicles, Les Turriff became front line workers for those who needed them in the crisis.


They have been in the process of setting up and online platform to cater to customers which made the conversion to a home delivery site very quick and easy.

They have been amazed by the support from the public, which has allowed their business to retain staff while being a service to the community in isolation.


They practice a safe distance delivery service, leaving the produce at the front door unless specified otherwise. This keeps their staff and customers safe at the same time.

They have also set up a discount for NHS staff who order from an NHS email address. This act is generous and shows their support for heroes too.

They have been receiving fantastic feedback and hope to keep the service running once the world is back to normal.


Les Turriff is a local business showing tremendous generosity and community spirit. Is your business or any business you know operating as a local hero? If so let us know so we can champion them as a #DundeeHero


Cate Mackie


In her everyday life, Cate Mackie is Head of Wardrobe at Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre. She was contacted by NHS Scotland and asked to take on the role of coordinator for For the Love of Scrubs in Dundee. They needed coordinators as there was such a massive response (1200 offers within the first 24 hours!)


Cate realised it made more sense to cover all of NHS Tayside when a request came in for 1000 sets of scrubs in each size or as many as they could manage with the donations they had received through the Go Fund Me page, set up by the Love of Scrubs girls.


Cate's day-to-day is now hectic. She has a list of volunteers and has had to call in the help of theatre costume makers, most of whom are freelancers and therefore out of work at the moment. She has had a lot to organise in such a short space of time. However, as of this week, they are producing more scrubs than ever, working tirelessly to help the frontline workers in the NHS. They must ensure they use the correct fabric; otherwise, the hospitals can't accept them due to infection control guidelines and they are keeping safe and socially distanced when they arrange the drop-off and pickups.


Cate said "It's a massive operation just for Tayside – and the exact same system is in place in every area of Scotland. The idea is that people don't keep contacting hospitals or GP surgeries and offering to help. This way, there is one point of contact, and the hospitals don't get inundated with calls. Hospitals and GPs can request scrubs through the website, so we know where the help is needed most."


This is a major role Cate has taken on and should be as proud of herself as we are. She is a true #DundeeHero. 


Biju Yohannan


Biju Yohannan works in Victoria Food and Booze. Since before the pandemic, he has worked 8am-10am everyday, mid-week and 10am-10pm every Saturday and Sunday. Besides never taking a day off, he has started to volunteer helping regular, elderly customers. People who frequently come to visit him he has advised to stay home for their own safety and now takes their orders over the phone, closes the shop for as long as the journey takes and delivers their items with as much PPE he has at the given time.


At the moment, he does this for around five customers, but that could grow. He said the hardest part is to get items from his suppliers and finds he runs out of things often now. Unfortunately, he notices a lot of people not complying with government guidelines, although this number is becoming smaller. He said people are starting to realise the brevity of the situation and he appreciates their cognisance of this, especially for those that are living in a lot of fear.


All in all, he notices kindness, now more so than ever and wishes to see that continue.


Biju is a valued member of our local community who works tirelessly, always going the extra mile. He and all other heroes like him should be celebrated.


Luigi's Pizzeria 

"CHOOSE PIZZA, NOT PANIC" says one of Dundee's favourite pizzeria's, Luigi's Pizzeria


Their pizza recipes that date back through three generations are still out for delivery during this trying time. They say that not just pizza, but positivity is what they are trying to promote to their customers now more so than ever. Working behind closed doors, offering home delivery to the fine city of Dundee, available on the app of over the phone, Luigi's are lifting the spirits of those isolating at home. They ensure a contactless delivery keeping both the drivers and customers safe.


Their opening hours remain the same with the new addition of Daytime Part Baked Deliveries to the surrounding areas of Dundee.


Luigi's part-baked pizzas can be cooked at home or even frozen for a later date. Full details on delivery days and how to order can be found on the website in the "Luigi's Lockdown" section. They are still looking to add new delights to their menu, so keep an eye out for those!


Thankful for the love and support they have been receiving, they hope to continue working hard to bring pizza and positivity to everyone. Owner Dominique has said "Thank You. Thank You to everyone for supporting our small family run business, we are truly grateful."


Andrew McKenzie


Andrew Mckenzie of Verdant Spirits sprung into action at the beginning of the outbreak. With the rapid sellout of hand sanitiser, Andrew and team began making large batches of sanitiser to be used by primarily the NHS but are now distributing to local charities, non-profits and health partnerships.

Their GoFundMe page can be found here

And with HMRC waiving duty on any further batches, you know your support is going exactly where it needs to be!

They have made huge batches of active hand sanitiser but are now on the lookout for smaller bottles. They need a  large shipment of 100/200ml bottles that would be suitable for personal use. They would preferably have pump or spray attachments for easy administration. Do you know of a local business that could help?


Tayview Hotel 

Tayview Hotel has been helping during this crisis by offering hot meals to the frontline NHS staff. In particular to those working in COVID 19 wards, A&E and ICU in Ninewells Hospital. They started with Ward 42 that primarily deals with COVID 19 patients. They now handle eight wards in addition to two other hospitals, Kings Cross and Royal Victoria Hospital in Dundee. 

Tayview Hotel tries to supply 50 to 60 cooked meals every day. They say that "those hot meals are really appreciated by the doctors and nurses who are working long shifts."

They have a crowdfunding page to maintain the level of work they do and appreciate all the donations they can get to continue giving to the NHS

You can also follow all the work they are doing on their Facebook page

Tayview Hotel is another example of how businesses in Dundee are helping in this time of crisis. If you are or know of another business who should be celebrated along with other #DundeeHeroes please get in touch!


Gillian McGovern (D&A College) 

Gillian McGovern and team at Dundee and Angus College have successfully managed to cut and assemble 500 visors to help protect the NHS. They have used their facilities to help frontline workers most in need. 

Distribution has been carried out to Ninewells and Victoria Hospital in Dundee. Gillian mentioned, "They were extremely grateful and were in desperate need." 

The team is now set up and a COVID-19 hub for Angus, Dundee, Tayside and Perth. They plan to continue working for as long as they can procure the appropriate materials. 

The work Gillian and team are carrying out is an invaluable contribution to key workers. They are part of keeping everyone safe during this difficult time. 


Fraser's Fruit and Veg 

Fraser's Fruit and Veg on the Perth road have been helping during the COVID-19 outbreak by only charging £1 delivery. By doing this they ensure everyone is eating well and saving some money during this tough time.

More importantly, this £1 from every delivery is going to foodbanks in the local area. In the week ending Friday 3rd April, they made and delivered 250 boxes of fruit and veg! This massive achievement for a small local business meant they had over £400 raised for local foodbanks via orders!

If you would like to enquire about veg boxes, please email

Fraser's Fruit and Veg is a great example of how generosity of spirit has a huge impact on the surrounding community. By using this their service, you support local charity, helping those most in need.


Blend Coffee Lounge


Blend Coffee Lounge, Dundee has launched a 'Thank you' initiative for those on the frontline. You can now buy a bag of speciality coffee and donate it to someone you know who works in the NHS or is a key worker!

They deliver within Dundee for free and outwith for an extra charge. All you have to do is contact them via Facebook with the name, address and a personalised message.

If you don't know anyone personally but would like to donate a bag of speciality coffee, they will have one delivered to the staff of Ninewells hospital.

By supporting this local business, you are supporting our wonderful key workers. In times like these, they could really use the boost!


Dundee Science Centre

Check out our little #DundeeHeroes learning from home thanks to Dundee Science Centre

Dundee Science Centre has launched a fun and engaging programme aimed at supporting parents and carers in home schooling.

The Home Learning Programme is based on weekly themed activities which children can complete independently, with simple instructions, in their own time.

To sign up for the weekly Home Learning Newsletter, please visit
It's free!

The programme kicked off with 'Mini Beasts and Creepy Crawlies', challenging children to build their very own mini-beast trap, discover how strong ants are, explore spiders which travelled to Space and enjoy a brilliant but beastly game with their family.

Thanks to the #DundeeHeroes at Dundee Science Centre, parents and carers can home school their children easily and enjoyably!

Neil Campbell


A University of Dundee student has organised a community-based response to coronavirus in one of the city’s most deprived areas.


As well as studying for an MSc Community Learning and Development degree at the University, Neil Campbell is also the founder and Director of RockSolid Dundee, a faith-based social action initiative in the East End of the city.


When the COVID-19 crisis started impacting those most vulnerable in the East End area, Neil, supported by RockSolid development manager Audrey Thomson and their team initially set up a food larder at Douglas & Mid Craigie Church of Scotland, serving around 20 households. With the help of other city organisations, this very quickly turned into a much bigger effort.


RockSolid now distributes around 200 lunches per day to local people and families, with the larder serving nearly 100 households. The group also delivers food parcels to those isolated, vulnerable, or unable to leave their home, continuing to support those most in need in the local area.


“We have been overwhelmed by the support of the local community,” said Neil. 


Rock Solid

Meet the team behind RockSolid that could not run without the fantastic, dedicated volunteers, staff and support from the community as well as partners from across Dundee.

This service is free of charge. One bag per household is available, which one person from that household can collect. They ask the public to please follow physical distancing guidelines and to "Stay safe. Keep Well. Take Care"